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This week's Christmas Light Contest Week #2 WINNER!

Winners for this week's Christmas Light Contest!!

Kerry & Cathy Farber

First storm of the season!! :o)

Shopping… Chocolate… Flowers… A Woman’s Dream Store!

A visit to the sweet spot of Nebraska is just a short drive away! Master's Hand Candle Company & Gift Shop, located just south of Tekamah has had northeast Nebraska smelling and tasting sweet since their arrival just 1 year ago.

It would be easy to sit back and wait out the downturn in our economy before launching or growing a business, but Susie Wissmann of Tekamah, Nebraska would rather see a sliver lining on the looming economic cloud. Her cup is always half full and her enthusiasm can be contagious. “When Nicole [daughter and business partner] suggested that we entertain the possibility of purchasing the old Nordstrom building… While hesitant at first, I soon became excited about the opportunities. I love bringing joy to people and owning a business with such potential was something we just had to do.”

It all started seven years ago when Master’s Hand Candle Company was born in Susie, Nicole and Caleb’s family kitchen. “Originally we just made a few candles as Christmas presents, but the feedback we received was so encouraging it touched our entrepreneurial spirit.” It wasn’t long before they were producing and delivering their para-soy candles to nine states as fundraisers with churches and schools. In the fall of 2008 they purchased a building south of Tekamah on Highway 75 formally known as Nordstroms. With 10,000 sq. feet, there was plenty of room to grow! Knowing they wanted the building to be more than “just a chocolate factory,” they began diversifying in other areas… First the Gift Shop, Serendipity Chocolate Factory, and finally Tekamah Floral!
With shopping, candles, chocolates, flowers, and gifts all under one roof… It’s a woman’s DREAM store!

“It has been so exciting to see Nicole’s creativity in re-designing the store.” Susie said in regards to the extensive remodeling they have undertaken. Our goal is to make a visit to our shop an experience…. something that you won’t get anywhere else.”

At Master’s Hand, not only can you visit a candle factory, you can also see Serendipity Chocolate Factory. Serendipity: The effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something else entirely. “We fell in love with the idea of Serendipity Chocolate Factory. We love that our candy, made from old family recipes is being discovered and enjoyed by others. We always have samples! After all, free chocolate has no calories!”

Master’s Hand Candle Company and Serendipity Chocolate Factory now offers over 70 different candle fragrances and an entire display case of the highest quality chocolates. They additionally have an enticing gift and floral shop. “Quality and satisfaction are at the top of our list of items we focus on. Our candles are a triple scented soy blended candle and only the finest ingredients find their way into our candy recipes.” states Susie.

Always full of ideas, Susie is the “high-flying kite” of the operation. She’s the one who thinks big ideas and makes dreams happen! Another one of those “dreams” was Tekamah Floral. Susie and Nicole come from a long line of flower fanatics and gardeners, so it's no surprise that they've chosen flowers as just another artistic medium! It has been Susie & Nicole’s goal to serve each customer by creating a beautiful, expressive arrangement that fits their personality and needs. From offering the finest in unique designs to free in-town delivery with a smile, they desire to serve their customers in many ways! As true artists at heart and in practice, they invest themselves in each and every floral creation. Nicole says, “It’s been such a joy to be working with the flowers I love and in turn, bringing smiles to the ones who see them!”

When asked about her biggest challenge Susie stops and ponders. “I think it is awareness.” She adds with a chuckle, “Of course our new lime-green storefront couldn’t hurt when getting attention! But, it’s so much fun to meet new people from our area and hear them exclaim, ‘We never knew you were here before…what a pleasant surprise!!”

Take just one step inside and you will see what Susie is talking about. Words cannot begin to describe what an experience awaits you inside the doors of Master’s Hand Candle Company & Gift Shop, Serendipity Chocolate Factory, and Tekamah Floral.
For more information:
Contact Susie at: (402) 374-2003
Toll Free: (888) 363-2003
Visit on the web at:


***NEWSFLASH*** Black Friday & CYBER Monday!

‘ Twas the night before Black Friday…
And all through the house…
They were plotting and planning…
And… Avoiding their spouse? Mouse? Louse??

…Oh bother…. I never was very good with poetry! On to the point of this NEWSFLASH!!

I suppose many of you are up tonight, planning exactly what you need to buy tomorrow... Setting your alarm for 3 a.m… And excitedly awaiting tomorrow’s pursuits!

Others are shaking their heads at the aforementioned individuals. :o)

Well, here’s an exciting option for both of you! CYBER Monday!!! CYBER Monday is for those who would rather sleep in, then shop from the comfort of home in their pajamas… It’s also good for the “crazies” who woke up early on Friday and are still recovering! It occurs the Monday after Black Friday. On CYBER Monday many online businesses offer anything from FREE Shipping or online discounts.

In honor of CYBER Monday, we have a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Over the last month or so, we’ve been overhauling our website. It’s nearly done but… Our online shopping cart is up and going! Whoohoo!!! And from now until CYBER Monday, (The 30th at midnight) we are offering FREE SHIPPING in addition to this month’s specials!!!

Check it out at: – We take Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, or Personal Check.

For our local followers… Stop in tomorrow (BLACK FRIDAY) for extra in-store specials! Including: FREE 6 piece chocolate with order of $40 or more! We’re here all day… So don’t worry about setting that alarm.


NOVEMBER 2009 Newsletter

Happy Thanksgiving!
Early, of course… There is ever SO much going on here at Master’s Hand!!!
First of all… It’s “silly season” for candles! As soon as you hit that first cold snap, everyone starts thinking candles.
Also, our candle fundraisers are in full swing! From Florida to Wisconsin, schools, youth groups and more are selling our candles.

We’re working on “re-doing” our website… (Don’t look at it yet!!! Lol!) And we’ll have an online shopping cart so you can order with a credit card from home! Yeah! We’re finally getting with the 90’s!! J

Here at our shop, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas despite the fact that its-not-even-Thanksgiving! J Got to love retail!!

Our own Serendipity Chocolate Factory is really taking off! We’re gearing up for the holidays and in addition to our wonderful chocolates, we’re pulling out all the old family candy recipes!

And SO much more is going on here! Stop in to see it all!

Guess What?!?!We have a NEW scent!!!

Treasures of Tuscany ~ The unmistakable aroma of a sunny vineyard on the beautiful Tuscan hills of Italy.
~Deep Plum~

Quote of the month:

“ Never judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes. After you’ve done that, you will not only be a mile away… But you’ll also have his shoes!!” J

Save and get our Scent of the Month for $11.75!
November's Scent of the Month is...

Sugar Plum Fairies

Starting to look for Christmas presents for your co-workers, teachers, friends, or family? Get our candles at a discount when purchased 12 or more at a time! Contact us for more information!!

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Are you looking for an easy and profitable
fundraiser option people will LOVE?

November is a great time to think about candles for your fundraiser.
The candles just seem to sell themselves during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season!
Email us for more information!!
Check it out at
Do you have a group that needs to raise money? Try a Master’s Hand Candle Fundraiser and make $5.00 for each candle that you sell! It’s EASY!
No fundraiser too small or too large!
Refer a group to us, and to show our appreciation to you…
We will send YOU a free candle of YOUR choice!
It’s a WIN WIN! J

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You looked again! All right... for this month's secret sale write
" Happy Thanksgiving! "
in the Special Instructions blank on your order form and
I will add a special surprise to your order!

Have a great day!!!!
Nicole for everyone at MHC


Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING from all of us here at Master's Hand Candle Company!!!


...It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Here's a glimpse into what's going on around here! Chaos now... Amazing coming soon! :o)


More Creating!

And more!

Unique wreaths!

Stuff to rip apart and put back together!


More wreaths!

A little corner!

Red/White Christmas Tree!

A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. Snowman plates... mugs... cookie jars... TOO CUTE!!!

The sparkle tree!

Oooh! Pretty!!

The "Smile Tree!"

Isn't it FUN??!

The carousel horses!

Another corner...

CUTE snowman mugs again....

A Cowboy Christmas!




Stop in to see the rest!!! :o)